Kenya News

Kenya News

Kenya News

Paradoxically, despite living in the information age, most of the news we have access are often interested, deceptive, as well as communicated by people ignorant, uninformed, hypocritical and simulators.
This is largely due to the trend of the spread of word of mouth or reviews and comments that we find on the web and especially on social networks.
Without take the trouble to check their actual truth, so let’s assume that this kind of information, readily available, it is true; whereas it should be considered simply as “entertainment” for “wives backyard”.
In sociology this phenomenon is called Argumentum ad Populum and is to believe that if many people think the same way, or say the same things (which are almost always reported by others), then the feelings reflect reality and narrations reported the truth.

Kenya News: daily to be informed about what is happening in politics, economy, events in Kenya and not only through national and foreign newspapers, channels to watch live TV and online portals.
Informed people can decide, the uninformed “people believe” to decide .
the importance of the media is huge. For the purposes of a considered choice is essential information, which is simply opposed to the illusory representation of the world and they depend on your preferences and consensus, and therefore your decisions.

A vacation smoothly always starts from a good information

 Kenya News:   (When necessary use translators)

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Holidays in Kenya

Holidays in Kenya. Turtle Beach. In the background the Whale Island. WatamuHolidays in Kenya

Welcome to Kenya: a force of nature, an enchanting destination where the mythical image of Africa takes on the wonderful reflections of a wild and untouched nature, is confused with the contrasts and colors of the different landscapes, it mixes with the embrace of white sandy beaches.
The African jewel overlooks the Indian Ocean, with its 400 km of coastline full of shells and protected by beautiful corals that form long lagoons where colorful fishes live.
The palm forests offer shade and create the ideal setting for a landscape of dreams.
Africa is present with all its colors: ebony of the kind and smiling faces, the deep turquoise sea, the green of the vegetation, the yellow of the savannah, the deep blue of a sky that never ends.
Kenya is one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time, and every year is visited by many tourists who are enchanted face of savannahs full of wildlife, its timeless culture, the snow-capped mountains and its pristine beaches. The last, in particular, are the real treasure of this nation that can boast of having some of the finest beaches in the world.

Not only safari and animals, but also the sea, mountains, lakes and beaches.

 Holidays in Kenya:   (When necessary use translators)

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