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Kenya Safari

Sunset in SavannahKenya Safari

The Kenya is a land of Safari where the mythical image of Africa takes on the wonderful reflections of a wild and untouched nature, is confused with the contrasts and colors of the different landscapes, it mixes with the embrace of white sandy beaches.
Kenya Safari, a trip through the wild nature and the deep cultural traditions of his people. People, animals and the infinite spaces of Kenya will leave an indelible memory of your holiday.
A view finding mission to the perfect to carry in the heart, kidnapped by the elegant movements of the great animals of the savannah.
A trip to Kenya also means plunging into ancient cultures, surrender to the magic of open spaces that touch deep and instill a great sense of harmony and freedom. A journey of exploration and contemplation, from the roots to the comfort of man’s most exclusive lodge.
Visit the Natural parks of Tsavo and the Reserve  Masai Mara , one of the most beautiful in the world, means encountering hundreds of wildlife species, including the largest and rare mammals, as well as the Park Amboseli is a corner of paradise where you can photograph animals on the Kilimanjaro fairytale background.
Visit the lake Turkana and the important archaeological sites of the surroundings is to enter the heart of Africa, primordial places each what began.
When you think of Kenya, it is natural to think of the safari, the strongest animals and large planet and the stunning beaches of the Indian Ocean. All this hides another spectacular side, but less known. Kenya we do not expect: the mountain. In Africa there is not only the Kilimanjaro to soar among the arid plains, but also other mountain ranges, including the stunning peaks of Mount Kenya , which fascinate the lovers of trekking.

Here you will find the list of links that I hope will be useful to plan and organize your Kenya Safari

 Safari Articles:   (When necessary use translators)

Kenya Safari


Kill animals or human beasts?
Human or animal meat?
American human beasts of the 1900s
Kenya: land of shepherds
Kenya Wildlife Service – Parks rules
Hotel, Lodge, Camp


Video Safari


Parks and Reserves in Kenya
Maasai Mara Reserve
Ngorongoro nature reserve
Amboseli National Park
Tsavo East National Park
Tsavo West National Park
Aberdare National Park
Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve
Shimba Hills National Reserve
Laikipia Plateau
Mzima Springs
Other National Parks & Reserves


Mountains of Kenya
Mount Kenya
Mount Elgon
Mount Longonot
Mount Suswa
Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania
Ol Doinyo Lengai – Tanzania
Menengai Crater
Ngong Hills
Cherang’any Hills
Taita Hills
Chyulu Hills
Tanzania, trekking between the craters


Rivers of Kenya
Mara River
Tana River
Athi-Galana-Sabaki River
Ewaso Ng’iro River
Southern Ewaso Ng’iro River
Turkwel River
Kerio River

Nzoia River
Gura River


Waterfalls of Kenya – (Lugard’s Falls – Sheldrick Falls – Fourteen Falls – Thomson’s Falls – Karuru Falls – Gura Falls – Chania Falls – Magura Falls – Thika Falls – Torok Falls – Nabuyole Falls – Adamson’s Falls – Tigoni Falls.)
Deserts of Kenya – (Chalbi Desert – Nyiri Desert – Suguta Valley.)
Kenya Caves – (Mount Suswa Caves – Kitum Cave – Shimoni Slave Caves – Mau Mau Cave – Leviathan Cave – Paradise Lost Caves.)
Escarpments of Kenya – (Aberdare Range – Elgeyo Escarpment – Laikipia Escarpment – Mau Escarpment – Nguruman Escarpment –  Losiolo Escarpment.)
Marafa Depression
Volcanoes of Kenya
Volcanoes of Tanzania

Lakes of Kenya
Lake Victoria
Lake Turkana
Lake Nakuru
Lake Bogoria
Lake Baringo
Lake Naivasha
Lake Jipe
Lake Elmenteita
Lake Magadi
Lake Logipi
Lake Chala
Lake Kamnarok
Lake Chew Bahir
Lake Kenyatta
Lake Solai
Journey into Rift Valley


Wildlife of Kenya
Antelopes – (Hartebeest – Impala – Waterbuck – Eland – Topi – Oribi – Hirola – Steinbuck – Dik Dik – Klipspringer – Reedbuck – Bushbuck – Kudu – Sitatunga – Bongo – Duikers – Sable Antelope – Oryx)
Gazelle – (Thomson’s Gazelle – Grant’s Gazelle)
African Elephant
African Buffalo
African Leopard
East African Lion
Nile Crocodile
Nile Monitor
African Wild Cat
Sokoke Forest Cat
African Civet
African Porcupine
Poisonous animals in Kenya
Lethal snakes in Kenya – (Black Mamba – Green Mamba – Boomslang – Twig Snake – Cobra – Puff Adder – Vipers – Python)
Primates – (Homo Sapiens – Bonobo – Bushbaby – Galago – Baboon – Vervet – Còlobo – White Eyelid Mangabeys – Blue Monkey)
Canids and Hyenids – (African Wild Dog – Bat eared Fox – Hyena – Aardwolf – Jachal)
Suidae – (Warthog – Giant Forest Hog – Bushpig)
Land turtles
Elephant Shrew
Camelids of Kenya
Bovids of Kenya
Rodents of Kenya
Chameleons of Kenya
Lizards of Kenya
Bats of Kenya


Birdlife of Kenya


In the pristine kingdom of animals


Bonobo, our cousin of the forest

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