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Kenya Holidays - News

Kenya News

To stay informed about daily news and events in Kenya.

News - Daily Nation           Daily Nation

Online Edition of the newspaper more followed, founded in 1959 by the Aga Khan. It is considered an authoritative newspaper, independent and balanced.

News - The East African          The East African

Published weekly from Nation Media Group, which also offers a series of web articles and news, mostly economic in nature.

News - The Star                      News The Star

Your source for Kenya. Latest news and videos about politics, economics, opinions, sports, entertainment and ads.

News - The Standard Digital         The Standard Digital

Born in 1902, was the first newspaper published in Kenya and for many years the voice of British colonialism; Today the Standard Group controls, also belongs to the KTN (Kenya Television Network). After the Daily Nation is the most popular newspaper.

News -          Coastweek

Entertainment Weekly, which shows news, sports, classifieds and especially many tourist information. It is based in Mombasa and is also published in German; on the web is only available in the English version.

News - Business Daily           Business Daily

The newspaper devoted to the financial and economic world. Is a partner in the Wall Street Journal

News -   

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Al Jazeera News from Africa


News Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera News from Africa

News - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation News Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

The online edition of the State broadcaster KBC, which broadcasts on two channels; on the web you can follow only the Channel Programs 1. The portal also presents the radio stations that broadcast programmes in English, swahili and several other local languages.

Africa ExPress

Africa ExPress

Africa Daily News. Latest news from Africa: breaking news, reportage, analysis by correspondents in Africa. In Italian. Kenya News

Newspapers and news from Kenya, the site linking to you from Kenya newspapers, magazines, news agencies, tv and radio to the network.

News - Paesi Tropicali

Countries Tropical

Countries Tropical (in Italian)

News - Kenya

Nature In Its Beauty (also in English)

The Italian Portal in Kenya

                                                     The Italian Portal in Kenya (also in English)

Watamu Tourist Information Portal

Watamu Tourist Information Portal (in English)

 Freddie Blogs Freddie Blog

Free interpretation of the life of the world and dream of a voluntary exile (in Italian).


Kenya – Latest News International

Kenya – Latest News

For all sufferers of mal d'Africa


Kenya’s Passion

For all sufferers of mal d’Africa (… longing for Africa), in italian.


The portal dedicated to Africa

           The portal dedicated to Africa (also in English).


Daily Mail Online.

Daily Mail Online

To be “real backyard wives à la page”, simply need update you through the Daily Mail 


Read the following blogs (When necessary use translators)

The Great Rift Valley


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The “Beach Boys” objects of desire
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The “Fugitives in Ibiza of Kenya”


Female genital mutilation
Witchcraft in Kenya
Cannibalism in Kenya
Cannibalism in Africa


Mombasa Republican Council
Who are the Mungiki
Who are the Al Shabaab
The kidnapping of Silvia Romano
“Little Mogadishu” in Nairobi


Kenya – Broglio Space Center


Italy is a country at the mercy of the drift of filth


Kenya’s thirst
Human rights in Kenya’s landfills
My Africa into the hands of AIDS
Mobile telephony in Kenya
Mal d’Africa (Africa sickness)
Those who arrive in Kenya
15 years in Kenya


Food and drink – Kenya
Kenyan ethnic cuisine
A tasty Indian dish
Fruits of Kenya
Spices of Kenya
The world’s most expensive coffee
Human flesh or animals?
How to distill the Chang’aa
Banana beer
Khat (Miraa or Marungi)
Agritourism itineraries in Kenya
Rail tourism in Kenya
Elephants trapped
The Chicago of Kenya
Polygamy and votes in Kenya
Electricity and demography
Kiswahili in Africa
Kitum cave, where sleeping death
Ready vaccine against malaria
The Kenyan white ginger


Karen Blixen
Denys Finch Hatton
William Northrup MacMillan
Ernest Hemingway
George and Joy Adamson
The story of Elsa, the lioness
The story of Christian, the lion


Driving license in 24 hours
“Piki-Piki” for lady
A nightmare vacation
The condemnation of Jesus after 2,000 years
Marco Vancini Vs Il Fatto Quotidiano
Kenya: a fantastic land
At the center of Malindi
Repertory of phrases and sayings about Kenya
Holidays in Malindi, A.D. 2054
Peppino and the Bank
The true story of Malindi


Ebony Kenya


Pygmies-Ancient people of the forest