Kenya Sea and Beaches

Kenya SeaKenya Sea and Beaches

Kenya Sea and Beaches means exploring a country with many suggestions, how impressive is its sea. A sea that bathes the coasts of immaculate white, surrounded by nature, protected by coral reefs, where some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
When speaking of Kenya everyone thinks the safari, the animals, the natural beauty, very few think of the sea and the Kenyan beaches.
Kenya is rich in beautiful natural landscapes and white sandy beaches, has well 536 km. of coastline that develop from the southern border with Tanzania to the north with Somalia and overlooking the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
For nearly 230 kilometers that goes from Vanga to Malindi, the coast is protected by a coral reef, although one of most spectacular coastal stretches of the coast of the African continent is one that runs from Mombasa and leads up to the region Malindi.
Among the most beautiful beaches south of Mombasa, we find: Diani Beach, a long palm-fringed beach fully protected by coral reefs and Tiwi Beach, the “wild side” of Diani Beach, Shelly Beach, with snow-white beaches of coral sands, green palm trees and turquoise sea and an excellent organization of hotels, cottages, villas and resorts.
North of Mombasa instead, we find, Nyali Beach, served by large resorts and crowded by local, Kenyatta and Bamburi Beach, also feeling the pinch of this “problem” but in reality are quite interesting for those who love the direct contact with local people.
Going up along the coast, you come to Watamu, a tiny town, located south of Malindi less than 25 km. Full of interesting naturalistic ideas is ideal point for organized trips in the area, and safaris in large indoor parks, such as the Tsavo East National ParkTsavo West and Amboseli National Park. In addition the area Watamu is also famous for the phenomenon of the tides, which makes this part of the coast, a stunning beauty: small white sand islands emerge a few meters from the beach. The backdrops are immaculate and full of tropical fish, shells and starfish.
The marine parks of Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu are ideal for diving and snorkelling.
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Here is a list of the most beautiful beaches of Kenya

 Kenya Sea and Beaches:   (When necessary use translators)

Sea and Tides Kenya
Diani Beach
Mombasa Beach
The most beautiful beaches North of Mombasa
Malindi Beach
Mayungu Beach 
Mambrui Beach
Watamu Beach
Mida Creek
Islands of Kenya
Mombasa Island
Chale Island
Lamu Island
Manda Island
Kiwayu Island
Pate Island
Wasini Island
Funzi Island
Lake Victoria Islands
Migingo Island
Sea turtles
The Sand Dollar

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