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Kenya, its beauties and its squalors, amenities and misery, the people, the safaris, the sea and the beaches, the mountains and the lakes, the islands and the animals.

African Holocaust
African Holocaust

Adult cheetahs in the Masai Mara Reserve-Kenya

Welcome to “Kenya Holidays” dedicated to those who love to travel informed, the adventure, the life, the sounds and smells, nature and animals in particular.
“Kenya Holidays” is for those who believe that contact with nature is now more essential than ever.

If Kenya, and in particular the coast around Malindi, is not for you because it is a common place for cheap Italians, I can only recommend the Zanzibar Archipelago.

It must be clear that Africa, especially the sub-Sahara, is not for everyone and even more can not be understood at all.

Spectacular view of the beach in Watamu bay

Many things are said about Africa, because Africa has many faces.
We often speak out of turn of Africa, because Africa sometimes sells itself poorly.
In Africa you can live a unique experience, because Africa speaks to each of us differently.

Africa offers a variety of environments, ecosystems, populations and cultures that make it special, make it enter the heart and often lead people to come back several times.
Beautiful sea, savannas, forests, lakes, nature reserves, sites for birdwatching, large mammals, cats, ancient tribes, ancient customs, are just some of the aspects that Africa offers travellers.
The secret, however, is not the place, but the way this place you will be able to discover it and live it. And this without take in traditional and standardised mass tourism; this for several reasons, first of which is the freedom to dispose of his own time, and the maximum freedom to chart its own experience day after day.

View of the bay on the enchanting island of Manda


Africa is generally a continent to which foreigners look with fear. Diseases, climate, political instability, a strong cultural impact and intense strongly characterize a trip and, even more, a deportation in this vast and diverse continent.

To live in most of the African countries must equip themselves with optimism, patience and a good dose of courage. If these are not missing, and you manage to open up to Africa without reservations and preconceptions, you can easily spend one of the most tiring but rewarding periods of your life.
In the event of poverty but also of his immeasurable human and cultural wealth, Africa knows no half-measures, and it is this that makes it a very intense and demanding. It is certain that Africa is today more than ever crossed by internal crisis and external strangulation that make all its villages potentially at risk of social unrest which in many cases can lead to violent conflict.
This should be considered when deciding to come to Africa. Precariousness is a very present in everyday life: the ability to accept and manage it varies from person to person, but if there’s motivation is missing, you will find soon your staff how to deal with it.

Africa also has many advantages, some of which have contact with incredibly interesting and vibrant cultures, the opportunity to live in the open air and in close contact with nature (even larger capitals is usually easy to reach places of pristine beauty …), a rhythm of life necessarily simpler and more relaxed, less stressful and accelerated than we currently live in most of the world.

Elephant and Mount Kilimanjaro-Amboseli National Park-Kenya


Africa, especially sub-Saharan that gives emotions that remain forever in our memory. Kenya, not only that of the conventional safari and white beaches, offers with sounds, smells and the happiness of its people a feeling of eternal mental well-being.



… not that of safari, you have to be ready to accept the different faces. Peace and violence, misery and splendor, beauty and cruelty are the different faces of a single reality.
Kenya … one of the most beautiful and wild of sub-Saharan Africa, unpredictable and capricious, often awkward but adventurous, remains still a medicine for the soul.

A view of the channel that separates Lamu island from Manda island on the Shela dunes-Kenya


More than twenty parks beautify Kenya (Masai Mara, Tsavo, Amboseli, Rift Valley, Marsabit, Samburu, Mount Kenya, Mida Creek, etc.) and where the Rangers are in constant struggle against poaching and hunters in search of ivory.

To admire the flora and fauna originating in the country is therefore sufficient to take part in an organised safaris, by plane, bus, land-rover, or even riding in a hot air balloon or camel: from 2 to 15 days of adventure, not as a time to kill animals, but to preserve memories with the best photos of which we are capable.

Aerial Shot of Lake Turkana with South island in the back ground and Nabuyatom volcano in the foreground


Not only safari and animals, but also the sea, mountains, lakes and beaches.
Kenya for years now is one of the destinations for the climbing, trekking, birdwatching and windsurfing.
That of Kenya is a favorite of tropical seas by foreigners who often find an excellent quality/price ratio and a vacation always cut to measure.

Serengeti-Sunset in Savannah

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Serengeti-Sunset in Savannah

Kenya Holidays-A life in harmony with natureKenya Holidays. A smooth holiday always starts with good information…
History is a trace of our existence and that of others, as well as being the preservation of uses, traditions and customs…

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