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Kenya Holidays Preamble

Holidays in Kenya Preamble

Kenya Holidays Preamble


This site is dedicated to those who love to travel informed, adventure, life, sounds and smells, nature and in particular animals.
Holidays in Kenya ensures effective and truthful information.

If Kenya, and in particular the coast around Malindi, is not for you because it is a common place for cheap Italians, I can only recommend the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Regarding our fears, we almost always look for simple answers.
But when reality, perception and narration do not coincide, the simple answer is comfortable, but it can be wrong.
Sometimes even a suggestive tropical destination can hold some nasty surprises: a dream vacation that becomes a nightmare!
If in North Africa you get two years in prison for complaining about having suffered injustice, pray that nothing happens to you in the sub-Saharan part of the continent. The Italians are exceptions who, once back home with the “broken ass”, say they spent a truly unforgettable vacation!

Knowledge is certainly not a baggage of mass tourism, but we also find that our readers are often ignorant, uninformed, hypocritical and simulated people who use information, which they find on the web and in particular on social networks, promoted by “newsagents”, “spreaders”, “wiseacres” and “servants flatterers”.

Kenya Holidays Preamble


Each has its own story!

If the Zanguebar or Zanghebar coast does not tell you anything, then you will do wise things if you opt to stay at your home rather than come to practice aquagym in the Indian Ocean bathtubs.


The same applies to those who:
– still believe, like William Northrup MacMillan, that zebras can be tamed;
– still believe in the romanticism of Baroness von Blixen-Finecke, that of destiny: “it was worth having syphilis to become a baroness”, as her alleged lover had to say, or the courage of the “brave hunter” that faces, certainly not on equal terms, but armed with a rifle the “beast” condemned to his destiny, as well as that of the “slave trader” who vents his impotence and repressed anger on the Negroes, compared by Karen herself to the “wild animals”, therefore destined to succumb in front of the “white figure that could mean death”;
– still see Denys George Finch Hatton as an intelligent, athletic “man”, a brave adventurer, with the reputation of “handsome”, lover of nature and animals, as well as his servants. It is true that he was the only tramp in circulation, devoid of all morals, as well as of every human and Christian sentiment, as well as, like every British colonist, racist. Also, who would have been willing to go with Karen, the “syphilitic”? A true “weakling”, an aristocrat fallen in disgrace, who liked to drink Château d’Yquem, and a friend of Northrup McMillan as both “scarce hunters, but real eunuchs”, she friend of Lady Lucy. A “gang” always in search of the most turbid sexual pleasures, based on freedom from any moral bond, which operated in the false conviction, at least in fact, that relations with free norms were suitable both for their own good and for their victims;
– still see Ernest Hemingway as the hero, the Nobel, the myth, with super masculine passions: boxing, hunting, fishing, safaris in Africa, but not his need to drown in alcohol, the obsession for women: four wives, a thousand loves and the inability to live without a woman next door. The figure of the “macho” has always been exalted, revealing then, on the practical side, his true quintessence especially as a poor shooter in hunting parties: the complete contempt for nature, as well as a consistent experience as a coward (only the help of alcohol led him to look for the strong emotions of the war correspondent and risk his life), fucking bastard, eunuch broken in the ass and shit! People do not know that there was also another side to him: “he sought the sense of being feminine” by living an ambiguous sexuality and not knowing which way to be. Science states that he was simply suffering from “bipolar disorder”, others instead, mostly ordinary people, said and said he was a maniac who suffered from elation and depression on and off, a manipulator (especially readers), and others still only an alcoholic “asshole” who had been lucky. But nothing has been shown regarding the connection between sexual orientation and bipolarity, but the way of relating to partners is certainly influenced. The homosexuality of Hemingway, and not only, has therefore nothing to do with his bipolarity.

The indisputable truth

«Already in the colonial environment the habit of throwing the Bible into the sea as soon as it crossed the Suez Canal was in vogue. Even the missionaries, fascinated by the “Black Continent”, did not throw the Bible into the sea, but only the habit.»
«When missionaries came, we Africans had the land and the missionaries the Bible. They told us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.»

Kenya Holidays Preamble

The “Bible of the slaves”, printed in London in 1807 and used by English missionaries, is a strongly amended Bible, from which all the passages that speak of freedom have been removed, in favor of those who speak of obedience to the masters, of submission .
In it there is the lack of almost the entire Old Testament and half of the New, in addition to the total absence of the Apocalypse, but also of most of the Psalms, in which the hope for liberation from oppression is expressed.
In the idea of ​​the colonialists, the integral reading of the Bible, too rich in hope for a better life, could have instilled dangerous ideas of rebellion in African slaves, converts to Christianity. Conversion yes, therefore, but “tempered” …
This rare object (apparently there are only three examples left in the world) and controversial, presented at the Bible Museum in Washington on November 28, 2018, sheds light on a dark chapter of history, and the instrumental use of the Bible and religion to support of imperialist politics and slavery.


Kenya Holidays Preamble

Immense spaces, transparent skies, harsh and stimulating contrasts, exalting sense of liberation from stale conventions, intimate connection to the purity of universal archetypes …

Yes, Africa is for many a goal that restores the spirit. One relies on his almost intact primordial nature, the essential simplicity of his people, the pleasure of getting rid of the superfluous to merge into the unfathomable cosmic mystery, the only guardian of intimate knowledge: gnosis has always been desperately sought by all esoteric schools.

After all, millennia of ever more advanced reasoning, have gradually created tenacious superstructures that, while favoring the stunning technological affirmation of man, have also inevitably distanced him from that primordial spark, a precious casket that contains the mystery of its existence. Where can one try to rediscover it? Certainly not in the evolved civilizations that have now buried it under the compact layers of a logic that recognizes only the close and proven relationship between causes and effects. And so we arrive at Africa which, even though subjected to the same metamorphosis, is still very far from the goals achieved elsewhere and therefore closer to its origins.

This research is almost never the fruit of a deliberate choice, it is accomplished by obeying the irresistible impulse of our unconscious, what psychoanalysis defines as the “deep self”, which is not consciously felt, but which nevertheless directs in form our feelings, our emotions and – therefore – our life choices are absolute.

If this is the feeling that inspires love for Africa, a love that grips like a disease, like a drug, then it can legitimately be called “Longing for Africa”,” Africa sickness” or “Africa blues” (Mal d’Africa). But, alas, things are not always like this and it is not uncommon for the impulses that inspire the “Africa sickness” ​​to be often much less noble than they would like to appear.

Africa, it has been said, provides a sense of freedom from the conventions and the rules they contain. They are norms not imposed by nature, but norms that man has given himself in order to be able to relate to one another in mutual respect for duties and rights. Since this is a human product, in some cases, these rules can certainly prove to be fallacious, however, they are still those that regulate human relationships. Not respecting them means breaking laws, ethics and common morality. Unfortunately it is also the possibility of accessing these transgressions which can be masked under the improper banner of the “Africa sickness”.

More and more people are coming to the African shores, strong of the certainty of being able to give vent, here, to those impulses that elsewhere would be condemned. Knowing how to resort to corruption, you can get rich, get huge privileges and opportunities.

Every sexual perversion can be satisfied, even the most disgusting and ugly. You can destroy an innocent rival and even take away his life, certain not to pay a pledge thanks to powerful price protections. You can cheat, bribe, plunder, always getting away with it and continuing to cloak our African life, like the irresistible need of our “Africa sickness”.

These self-styled victims of “Africa sickness” ​​are those that poison and kill it, infecting it with a “civilization” of which Africa – regulated by its effective tribal cultures – certainly had no need. Perhaps not all of these cultures were shareable from the Western point of view, but the people of Africa were fine and respected. We brought them a blond, blue-eyed god, making them accept him as their god. We have imposed our rules and our knowledge, making them orphans of their certainties and thus launching them in a foreign universe without giving them the necessary cultural and cognitive tools. We took away almost everything, giving him almost nothing in return.
This concept is very well expressed by Robert Ruak in his book “Something of Value”, where he writes that when a people gets its centenary references, it is necessary to be sure to replace it with something else. value. We have not been able to do it. In some admirable cases, some of us try to do it now, even if with great difficulty. But who, raising the flag of “Africa sickness”, brings here his greed, his filth and his presumptions, relying on the abnormal conditions created as a result of contact with our world, is only a despicable and hypocritical opportunist which no human feeling can be attributed.
by Africa Express


Kenya Holidays Preamble

The “Africa sickness” (or “Africa blues”) really exists.
It is not a simple saying, a common place to concentrate in a single sentence all that Africa unleashes in our imagination and is fixed in our memories.
The intense blue of the sky, the particular shade of green, the sometimes oppressive reverberation of the sun, the strong colors of the garments and the wild, often ruthless nature. They are lively and pulsating sensations that are fixed in the mind forever.
Every moment lived in Africa is a fragment of life that never vanishes, which remains for years in a remote corner of the mind.

Kenya Holidays Preamble

This is Africa, these are the landscapes of a boundless land, full of history, of violence, of contradictions that make it unique, perfect lover and bride for a life of memories.

Whoever sees Africa once again returns, it is an almost physical need to relive moments of one’s life and enjoy the landscapes that surround you.

Kenya Holidays Preamble


From the enthusiasm of independence from colonialism, in Africa democracy has gradually been replaced by dictatorships or very corrupt and undemocratic governments.
There are two theses that find consensus:
– African governments are not interested in democracy and prefer an ignorant people because it is more governable;
– Democracy is not a solution for Africa (as stated by the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, while applauding democracy, as the driving force behind the development of Africa).

In Africa, both local and foreign skills are lacking. This great continent must ensure that African human resources remain in Africa and serve the interests of Africa. To do this, Africa needs competent Africans to transform the exploitation of the weakest into an element of strength.
But Africa, every day, continues to take steps back!

Kenya Holidays Preamble

Africa is poor. But African countries are not all poor. It is the distribution of wealth that creates problems.
But Africans forget that corruption, tribalism, nepotism, cronyism, looting of state coffers, poor economic governance, depravity of morality, lack of rigor and morality … they harbor them at home!
The question is precisely this: the nations that give birth to these people are ruled by corrupt (from the president, to the village chiefs, to the last wretch who sees the possibility of cheating the next one), whose interests are exclusively power and money.
The ones you can see in this article are the fruits of endemic corruption in African countries and Kenya is in 1st place among the most corrupt nations of Africa, surpassing Nigeria, Somalia and Congo in the continental ranking, and in 6th place in the world in this special and unseemly ranking.
All this is followed by the establishment of the general “eat-eat” in any environment, even among the poorest population that inevitably fails to understand, given the intellectual level, which is simply destined to remain so. Precisely for this reason the citizens will renew, with the vote, the mandates to today’s representatives or, in any case, to the sharks on duty!

In the first years I spent in sub-Saharan Africa, I felt emotions both for the animals and for those people who “daily succumb to hunger”, then move on to total indifference for those who do not even want to think of a minimum change in their way of living and thinking, but slavishly continue to complain about injustices and abuses by the rulers elected by themselves.
But these “elected”, dear Kenyans and Africans in general, are your own people, they are the ones who first succumbed to hunger and you, “migrant”, are one of them, you are like them!
As befits the cowards, you prefer to flee from the suffering of your people, but animals (the comparison fits perfectly) cannot escape even the hatred that even today you unjustly pour out on them.
As I know your people, dear “migrant”, I know you! Do not feel pity not only for the animals, but also for your fellows.
The guilt, which centuries ago you could attribute to the bloodthirsty cannibal tribes that raged in sub-Saharan Africa, to the Arabs, to the Portuguese to the European colonies, today is exclusively yours and of those “starving” of your people, like you same, dear “migrant”, you often define them!
Your culture dear “migrant”, it has been reduced to the point of cultivating even vegetables along the banks of the rivers, where hippos have been devouring more than 50 kg of grass each night for millennia, to then complain that these eco supporters (because of this it is) eat the salad!
Of whatever religion you are, dear “migrants”, you belong largely to the “people of the blasphemers”: the belief that “God created animals so that men could feed them” … is rooted in over eighty percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa.
Here we are certainly not talking about “donkeys”, but “proto-humans” with 47 chromosomes, instead of 48, in their diploid outfit (needless to say that man has 46). Countries that do not accept the idea of ​​a possible change, remaining increasingly bound to tribal customs that I leave you readers to judge. Children sacrificed during witchcraft rituals to get benefits from the spirits, slaughtered men to appease the gods’ anger … and I don’t go any further.
The “proto-humans” are apparently normal, but inside they hide the darkest, most frightening questions that can be conceived. Only their species is able to formulate these questions and provide answers, so if you are not part of it it is useless for you to practice.
Watch the videos below and you will know the real “human beasts”! … the ignorance and indifference of the population! In the eyes of a Western man such customs may seem a legacy of past centuries and unacceptable barbarism but, as often happens, the reality is unfortunately different.

“Let us help them at home!“, or better … Let’s beat them at home!, if you don’t want the Nigerian to defecate on your plate tomorrow!

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Extrajudicial executions of women and children!

Watch the video and get to know the real “human beasts”! … ignorance and indifference of the population!

The “Game Safari” practiced by niggers throughout the sub-Sahara!

“According to nature”, as today they kill … not only animals, tomorrow they will eat each other!
Let’s hope it happens soon!
The ferocity of the Negro butchers has no boundaries and even here, in this “pristine world”, these black-skinned beasts give vent to all their inhuman cruelty. Actions so atrocious and impossible to do even by animals!
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African culture!

The myth of the good proto-human savage who lives in harmony with nature! The proud heritage of Africa!
The year is 2010, it is not ancient history!

Here’s how the Kenyans prepare dinner!

The video shows one of the multiple extrajudicial executions in which the victims are burned alive and … …!
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