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Kenya Rivers

Fourteen falls Athi River, Thika-Kenya Rivers
Fourteen falls Athi River, Thika

Kenya Rivers

Kenya’s geography is quite complex. Kenya is a country in East Africa, and is crossed by the equator.
Although it is an equatorial and tropical country, it has very different climates. In the north it is the desert air, and in the central and southern highlands, with forests and savannas. The country is crossed by long mountain ranges.
Altogether, the morphological element that most characterizes the Kenya is the Rift Valley, that crosses it from north to south.
The rainfall in Kenya are very irregular. In general the rains decrease inward but increase with the altitude, therefore the inland waters have fresh water and salt water lakes; many are also geysers and geysers.

Few, instead, the rivers, of which only two have a considerable capacity and length (the Tana and the Galana) that, in addition to the Ewaso Ng’iro, are thrown into the Indian Ocean and have a very variable regime during the year, depending on the frequency of rainfall. Mara and Nzoia are poured into Lake Victoria, while Turkwel in Turkana Lake.

List of rivers in alphabetical order:
Athi-Galana-Sabaki • Ewaso Ng’iro • Gilgil • Gucha • Kerio • Lumi • Malewa • Mara • Mbagathi • Mogonga • Molo • Mononoase • Nairobi • Naro Moru • Njoro • Nyando • Nzoia • Ol Arabel • Perkerra • Southern Ewaso Ng’iro • Suguta • Tana • Thika • Tsavo • Turasha • Turkwel • Umba • Voi (Goshi) • Waseges • Yala.


Here are the most important rivers in Kenya.