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Salaries for employees in Kenya

Wages for employees in Kenya

Minimum wages for employees in Kenya.

Pending the increase promised by the Government, here are the current minimum salaries.

After the promise of President Kenyatta to increase the minimum wages of Kenyan employees by 18% and the re-launch of the unions that would like a 22% increase (the agreement can be found around 20), here are the current minimum wages that must be respected.
Minimum wages in Kenya vary from area to area (geographical): highest in the major cities (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu), average in some Rift Valley counties and lower in all other areas, including Malindi and the County of Kilifi

Minimum wages at the current state of the regulations, according to the deed of the Labor Office dated 26 June 2015:
Employee without qualification: KES 5436.90 per month or KES 228.30 per day
Gardener, cleaner, daily askari and other generic workers: KES 10107.20 per month or 484.20 per day
Warehouse worker or guardian of herds or shamba: KES 6278.80 per month or 265.90 per day
Nightly Askari: KES 11330.40 per month or 546.50 per day
Houseboy or cook: KES 6278.50 per month or 236.30 per day
Skilled worker: KES 6439.50 per month or 270.00 per day
Driver: KES 7966 per month or 337.70 per day
Machinist, tailor, shoemaker, baker: KES 9364.70 per month or 452.30 per day
Professional driver and skilled worker: KES 13646.40 per month or 655.00 per day
Receptionists, secretaries, storekeepers: KES 15425.50 per month or 745.50 per day
Accountants: KES 23262.10 per month or 1119.80 per day
Craftsmen: from a minimum of KES 17090 to 22.262.10 per month or from 823.10 to 1119.40 per day.

To all these salaries, for the monthly salaried workers, it will be necessary to add 15% for the House Allowance (travel allowance) which is on average about 1000 KES per month.
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Sex Workers: no comment …

The fact remains that, if a private individual needs, for example, an “askari”, a guardian who, if seen by thieves, if he gives it to his feet, he will have to pay KES 10107.20 a month for an agency, but the worker will collect just over half ! Compensation that you would receive from being hired by a private individual.