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Kenya Parks and Reserves

African savannah
African savannah

Kenya Parks and Reserves

For nature and animal lovers, the holiday has nothing to do with the beach: the real fun is going around and enjoying the wonders of the Earth. One of the most enchanting places to visit is definitely Kenya, in the heart of Africa, which with its breathtaking views, parks and nature reserves, gives its visitors unique feelings.
Protected Areas in Kenya
Environmental management is the responsibility of the National Environment Secretariat (NES), within the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. NES, established in 1974, develops national environmental management policy and plays a key role in environmental impact assessment.
In 1989, an amendment to the Wildlife Act gave birth to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The main objectives of the KWS, set up on January 15, 1991, are: to preserve natural environments and their flora and fauna, to employ environmentally sustainable resources for the nation’s development and to benefit the population living in protected areas and protecting people And property from damage caused by fauna. Among the responsibilities of this corporate body are: to formulate conservative policies, to use and manage flora and fauna, to propose to the government the establishment of national parks, national reserves and other oasis of fauna protection, prepare and implement management plans For protected areas, conducting and coordinating scientific research on conservation and management of fauna, administering and coordinating international treaties, conventions and protocols relating to fauna.
In Kenya, nature reserves and parks cover most of the area, in particular, there are 59, between National Reserves, National Reserves, Parks, Marine Parks and Private Ranch, some of which can be reached in less than one hour flight or in A couple of hours on a 4×4 jeep.
National Reserves are assigned to property by local councils and are administered by district councils with the exception of Shimba Hills, administered directly by KWS.
The cash collected from the sale of tickets must be invested (the conditional is obligatory) for the preservation of the flora and fauna habitat of the park itself.
National Park: prohibited activities include, among others, hunting, possession of weapons or traps, cutting, damaging or placing fire on the vegetation, collecting, or attempting to collect honey or virgin wax, damage or remove any geological, prehistoric, archeological, marine or scientific interest, introducing animal or plant species, dissecting and cultivating the soil, deliberately disturb the animals and capture, or attempt to catch fish without authorization.
National Marine Park: in these areas, flora and fauna are fully protected. Boat transhipment and berthing is permitted through a free permit for the required period. Other activities such as swimming, water skiing and sailing are allowed.
National Reserve: Other rural uses, other than environmental conservation, may be specifically permitted: the conditions governing such uses are contained in regulations approved by the authority when it is published in the official gazette. In these areas, it is usually permitted to exploit in terms of seasonal water and pasture.

In Kenya you can experience the best safari, which in swahili means “journey” (“safara” in Arabic means “discovering, exploring”). There are one-day safari (highly recommended) or several days during which you can sleep in lodges or tended fields, encountering savannah large herbivores (antelopes, gazelles, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, elephants) or their predators (lions, leopards e cheetahs), while in the waters of lakes and rivers hippopotamuses e crocodiles.
Among the several parks to visit, the most famous are: the Tsavo East National Park e Tsavo West National Park, the Amboseli National Park located at the foot of the Kilimanjaro, the lakes of the Rift Valley or the Masai Mara National Reserve located on the border with Tanzania. The name of this reserve immediately evokes, besides the population of nomadic and semi-nomadic shepherds who have always lived in these plains, the famous wildebeests migration and zebras, in addition to several species of antelopes, that twice a year move from and to the immense tanzanian savannah of the Serengeti looking for new pastures, crossing the Mara River infested with crocodiles.
The uniqueness and drama of this show, repeated for millennia, attract and impress the fortunate observer who is admired and abducted by the grandeur of nature and thrilled and enthralled by the raw struggle for survival.

Discover the amazing Parks and Reserves of East Africa!

List of National Parks of Kenya:
• Aberdare National Park • Amboseli National Park • Arabuko Sokoke National Park • Central Island National Park • Chyulu Hills National Park • Hell’s Gate National Park • Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park • Lake Nakuru National Park • Malindi Marine National Park • Malka Mari National Park • Masai Mara National Park • Meru National Park • Mombasa Marine Park • Mount Elgon National Park • Mount Kenya National Park • Mount Longonot National Park • Nairobi National Park • Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park • Ruma National Park • Saiwa Swamp National Park • Sibiloi National Park • Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park • Watamu Marine National Park.
List of National Reserves of Kenya:
• Arawale National Reserve • Bisanadi National Reserve • Boni National Reserve • Buffalo Springs National Reserve • Dodori National Reserve • Kakamega Forest National Reserve • Kisumu Impala Sanctuary • Lake Bogoria National Reserve • Masai Mara National Reserve • Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary • Mwea National Reserve • Rimoi National Reserve • Samburu National Reserve • Shimba Hills National Reserve • Tana River Primate Reserve • Witu Forest Reserve (Utwani Forest Reserve).
List of Marine Parks and Reserves of Kenya:
• Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park • Kiunga Marine National Reserve • Malindi Marine National Park • Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve • Tana River Primate National Reserve • Watamu Marine National Park.
Kenya Wildlife Service
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